Cities don't seek shelter when it rains

Steden schuilen niet wanneer het regent - Cities don't seek shelter when it rains (Feb 2020 - March 2020 at De Corridor, Olmenlaan, Wetteren).

Finissage (postponed due to Covid from March to Sept): Friday September 4th 2020

Here you can read the speech of Dorian van der Brempt at the opening of the exhibition (in Dutch).

For the finissage, Yves Schelpe created a movie with soundtrack, inspired by the photography of Gwenny. 

From the press:

Belgian photographer GNY (aka Gwenny Cooman, also known for her work in the band Mildreda) collaborated with artist and musician Yves Schelpe of Psy’Aviah for her exhibition's finissage titled 'the earth keeps spinning without being noticed'.


Yves wrote a dark ambient soundtrack and movie inspired by her work that played during the exhibition, reinforcing the atmosphere of the photographs, adding a unique sonic dimension to the exhibition, giving tones of hope and peace, but also of darkness and melancholy highlighting the contrasting sides of city and nature. The movie he made mirrors her photography.

Check out the interview in Side-Line with Yves and Gwenny.


That soundtrack, “The Earth Keeps Spinning, Without Being Noticed”, is out now on Alfa Matrix as a download album (via Bandcamp) or as streaming via Spotify.
Good to know, the Belgian national radio Klara already broadcasted one track from the album: 'The Escalator'.